Friday 4 August 2023

Cyanide Pills - Day After Day


  A song today from an album I've been eagerly anticipating for what seems like ages.

  I'd probably go as far as to say that Leeds power pop punks Cyanide Pills ( are my favourite current band. They've featured on here several times previously (most recently in February 2022 with the opening track of the new album so I don't need to give you too much info on them. I just need to switch to capital letters and say CHECK OUT SOUNDTRACK TO THE NEW COLD WAR.

  It's an album bristling with some of the catchiest tunes around. Punked up pop songs that'll make even the darkest day better. The album's available via Damaged Goods Records on vinyl and cd :

  Topics covered include the punk police, climate change, the demise of the Tory government and broken hearts. So many great songs to choose from but I'll go with the one about yearning to be with a loved one. This is Day After Day...

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