Wednesday 2 August 2023



  I posted today's song on my Facebook feed after finishing this week's Just Some Punk Songs show with it but I think it deserves moving over to the blog as it's catchy as hell.

  ERECTION ( are from Regensburg, Germany and feature a line up of Borderlina Julitschka (vocals), Lemmys Graces (drums), Schtifn J. Firebird (guitar) & Tino (bass). 

  They've just released a debut album titled Queendom. Is it any good? Lets just say they've risen to the occasion. It's 12 inches of punk n roll that'll get the blood flowing. It's available on coloured vinyl, cd and digital download here : No doubt they'll be playing tracks from it when they appear at the Rebellion Festival in Blackpool this Saturday.

    I think the song I like most is the one that brings the album to a satisfying climax. No doubt it'll have those live fans up and at it chanting along with the chorus. It's called Ba Ba..

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