Thursday 3 August 2023

Drama Dolls - Pink Bikini


"Oh My God I Look So Cute..."

  Drama Dolls ( are an high energy punk band from Los Angeles. Their website ( says "some may describe them as the Misfits meet the Bangles, others say they are like if the Ramones married the Go-Go’s, or even if Metallica had a crazy weekend with Hole."

  I've just been listening to their new ep (although rocking in at 9 tracks I'd say it's closer to an album). It's titled Hey Listen and it's made up of old favourites and previously unreleased material. It's a very good release from a band who set out their mission statement in opener We Like To Party. I was going to list a few favourites but it comes across as pretty much a greatest hits comp. I can't find a Bandcamp link for you to check out or even anywhere to buy it from but you can listen on Youtube :

  The song I'm featuring is the one that closes the album, it's loud, raucous and bristling with attitude. It's called Pink Bikini...

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