Monday 21 August 2023

Lone Creep - Corporate Job


  Pissing around writing a blog isn't a job so I decided I don't need to update things when I can't be bothered. There's been a gap since the last activity around these parts and it's only due to idleness but I'm back today with a song that displays the anger and energy of punk rock and encompasses a subject that may resonate with many.

  Lone Creep is a "one man shouts at the world" type project from Albuquerque, New Mexico who featured on here earlier this year with a timely message about gun control

  Since then he's covered drinking & drunks, dickheads and the way the system is rigged in favour of the well off. This time round he's in a sweary mood and he's railing against corporate culture, against jobs that drain body and mind.

  As usual, it's available as a name your price download...

 I'm tempted to issue an apology in advance to any unsuspecting listener who stumbles across this track blasting out of the various online radio stations that will play next week's Just Some Punk Songs show, but after careful consideration.... fuck 'em!

  This is Corporate Job...

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