Saturday 5 August 2023

PENNY - P.U.N.K. Girl


  PENNY are a punk/riot grrrl band (Liz vox, Jordan guitar, Steve drums & Kevin bass) from New York. They debuted with a self titled album back in 2019 whilst a trio and are now back with an expanded line up and a new 5 track cassette titled The Bubblegum Tape. You can find it here :

  As I don't know anything else about them other than Jordan and Liz used to be in a band called FLEASPOON, let's instead concentrate on the song you'll find below.

  The original version, recorded by Heavenly in 1995, is one of the greatest songs ever. It's recently gained a new lease of life popping up in various clips on Tik Tok and now it's been covered by PENNY. Whereas the original often gets described as Twee, this reinterpretation is the sound of a woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown shrieking madly with gay abandon. It's a different beast to the original but it's ace. If this doesn't hit your sweet spot you should check your pulse.

  It's called P.U.N.K. Girl

People say she's badBut they Don't seeThe way she is with meP is for the painful way she makes me feel some dayU is for Utopia, the other times with herN is for the new wave dreams she had back in her teensK is for the kid in her, my PUNK girlShe is honest and kind but in a way that people seeAs telling lies and being meanShe has thousands of dreams but what they are I'll never knowI hope I figure in them thoughI don't care if they can't seeJust how great that girl can beBut I wish, she'd find a wayTo act well, for just one dayI don't mind if they can't seeJust how much she means to meI still know what I will sayIf that girl comes my wayShe is hardened to hurt her softness hidden from the worldBut almost ready to unfurlShe tries so hard to change but something always happens toPersuade her its to hard to do

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