Sunday, 16 February 2020

Dirty Cheetah - Addicted

  This one's for all the punk rock junkies out there that visit the Just Some Punk Songs blog for their daily fix of new punk rock music...

  If you're one of those cool junkies, you may remember many great songs featured previously on here on cool labels No Front Teeth (The Stiffies, DefektDefekt, Miscalculations... ) and Resurrection Records (Phone Jerks, The Manikins, Pale Lips...). The UK and US labels are joint releasing a highly anticipated new album from Montreal band Dirty Cheetah ( The band line up with Pat Panic (Guitar/Lead Vocal), Dirty Frank (Guitar/Vocals), Don Lucas (Bass/Vocals) and Lynda Kicks (Drums); cool rock n roll names for a cool rock n roll band. They featured on here  a couple of years ago with their debut single I Need It  ( and they followed it up with the equally impressive Losing My Mind ep. 18 months on from that, their debut album is imminent, it'll be titled Never Too Late and the evidence presented by their new single suggests it'll be very good indeed. You can find out more details (and grab the single as a name your price download) here :

    Swagger and sleaze, a catchy tune about obsession. Not all junkies need drugs (or punk rock!), sometimes that burning desire is concentrated elsewhere. This is Addicted...

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