Thursday 20 February 2020

Huntingtons - Too Old To Care

  One of the longest running (and best) pop punk labels out there are still regularly putting out quality music. I'm talking about Monster Zero of course! If I remember rightly I featured 5 of their releases last year (by The Hangups, The Ratcliffs, The Yoohoos, The Hallingtons and Teenage Bubblegums). Since the last of those, they've brought us a Jagger Holly Christmas album, The Dumbheads' Tales Of Terror album (18 great songs about cool stuff like Giant Leeches, Children Of The Corn, Jurassic Park etc...) and their most recent release, the Steven Island EP by Paris band Maladroit ("a tribute to the greatness of Steven Spielberg").

  Oh, and there's also a first album in 17 years by legendary Baltimore Ramones worshippers, Huntingtons...

  Forming in the mid 90's, Muerto, Carcel, O Rocanrol! is their 8th full length. There's been plenty of line up changes down the years but currently they feature original vocalist & bassist Mike Holt and original guitarist & backing vocalist Jonathan "Cliffy" Walker alongside guitarist & backing vocalist Josh Blackway and drummer Chris Eller. The press release reveals the album's title symbolizes the possibilities that exist after 25 years together... Muerto (Dead; they played a "final show in 2005), Carcel (Jail; where they'd have been without expanding their sound and taking risks) and O Rocanrol! (Rock n Roll; where they are now doing what they want, when they want).

  The album is 14 tracks long, it's good value for money with over half of the tracks reaching 3 minutes or longer. It's not a new band banging out a dozen sub 2 minute songs at warp speed, it's the sound of a band that's been around the block and who have taken the time to craft something a little more substantial. It's more Too Tough To Die than Leave Home. Don't take that to mean it doesn't hit fast and hard though, it's still the Huntingtons that we remember.

 You can get the vinyl version of the album here :
and digital version here :

  This is the opening song, it's about having seen it all before and being in a place where you're content with things and don't sweat the small stuff. It's called Too Old To Care...

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