Monday 28 July 2014

Stalins Of Sound - Monkeys Attack

I'm going away for a few days holiday so this will be the last update till weekend, it's another of the better tracks to be released this year and it's by San Diego's Stalins Of Sound. They released their debut, self titled, ep in 2010, followed it up a year later with a second ep (Pool Of Piranha) before returning this year with a debut album, on Slovenly Records, called Tank Tracks. Originally there was just vocalist/guitarist Hadi Fever and a drum machine but he was joined by bassist Dave Masur (aka Davie Deathmetal) before the line up was completed with the pounding keyboards of Jimmy The Worm. Comparisons to the likes of Devo and The Spits often crop up in the descriptions of the band's sound and as today's song, Monkeys Attack, shows, those comparisons aren't a million miles wide of the mark.....

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