Friday 11 July 2014

The Rivals - Here Comes The Night

Name a cover version from the early days of punk rock. I Fought The Law? Banana Splits? She's Not There? My Way? There's loads of great ones that are still loved today but I'm guessing not too many people's answer was Here Comes The Night.... Shame really. Hailing from Ramsgate, in Kent, The Rivals caused a bit of a stir in 1980 with their cover of a song that was written by Bert Berns and was originally released in 1964 by Lulu and then rerecorded a year later by Them (who saw it reach number 2 in the UK charts). The Rivals had heard yet another version of it (on David Bowie's Pin Ups album) and decided to punk things up a bit. Not surprisingly John Peel was a fan but it also received daytime radio play from the likes of Paul Burnett and Mike Read. It looked as though it was going to become a smash hit but only a few thousand copies were ever pressed (a major label deal was mooted but fell through). The band split up shortly after this though a compilation album called If Only appeared in 2007. Maybe next time someone asks what your favourite cover is you'll at least spare a thought for Here Comes The Night......

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