Saturday 5 July 2014

The Seize - Why?

One of the best things about doing this blog is stumbling over brilliant records that, even though I've been a fan of punk music since the late 70's, have until now passed me by. Hopefully visitors here will now stumble over them too. One such record is this double a side from 1980 (Why? / Grovelands Road) by Reading's The Seize. Featuring Colin Newton (vocals/bass), Julian Stafford (lead guitar), Andy Stafford (rhythm guitar) and Dave "Chewy" Newton (drums), they went on to release a couple more eps, Everybody Dies and Dancing Like A Dervish, as well as a mini album, Cross Channel Buffoon. Often compared to Stiff Little Fingers, though to my ears this sounds musically more like a warped version of Public Image (with added Banana Splits solo), this is their debut single, Why?......


  1. Thanks Mick for letting us discover so many good bands we did not know. Good work!

  2. my pleasure Angelo, i enjoy discovering them myself. i just wish there was somewhere i could post the links so that even more people could discover them. there's some great music out there that deserves a wider audience