Wednesday 9 July 2014

The Exhausts - Andalucia

  Having earmarked a ridiculously large number of great songs for future inclusion in the blog it's not always easy to decide which one to post next. Should I go with the obscure late 1970's Swiss punk tune, or maybe the Welsh indie-punks that have covered The Clash, I was even tempted to go with the one about cunnilingus! In the end i decided to run with the new single from The Exhausts, a London 3 piece who've been around since January 2013, this despite them naming their debut ep Eric Cantona (boo! hiss!........that's me booing and hissing, not them). Anyway, back up to date, their single, Andalucia, is a cracking tune and it's available name your price here : ( ), it's definitely worth your attention, an album is in the pipeline. Also, plus points to the singer for wearing a Social Circkle t shirt in this video.......

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