Tuesday 1 July 2014

The Snazzy Boys - They Came from Outer space !!!

Trawling the net for far too many hours seeking out punk songs to add to the blog I come across a hell of a lot of music. Much of it, I'm not keen on so it just gets a quick listen (possibly too quick, leading to me to dismiss it too hastily) but on occasion I find nuggets of gold (quite possibly nuggets that have been mined by many others already but are new to me). I've got to be honest, if I see what looks like upbeat pop punk with a sci-fi theme, I'll probably give it a slightly more generous crack of the whip. It's a rich genre, going back as far as The Rezillos and Spizz Energi (probably further than that) and including a lot of my favourite bands (hello Lillingtons, Dan Vapid etc). Today's song is from Italy's The Snazzy Boys. Formed in 2005 in Ospitaletto, they don't seem to be around anymore, splitting in 2010 (though I would love to be wrong about this), they were influenced by all the right groups, The Damned, The Boys, The Lurkers, The Spits, The Briefs etc, and play a '77 style of upbeat pop punk that has just the right combination of killer tunes and bite. Their releases include a couple of 7"'s, Organized Octopus (2006) and the Play Your Bollocks ep (2007) as well as a self titled album (2009). If you like quality retro pop punk, treat your ears, this is They Came From Outer Space.....

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