Tuesday 8 July 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Josh Rutledge

I'm slipping in another top 10 list today, this one by a music lover with impeccable taste who enthusiastically helps spread the word on some great bands via his excellent blog Faster And Louder
( fasterandlouderblog.blogspot.co.uk ). Josh Rutledge (aka Lord Rutledge) was once head honcho at Now Wave Magazine, nowadays he just concentrates on espousing the virtues of the stuff he likes on his blog, usually it's a healthy diet of  garage, power pop or '77 style punk (pretty similar territory to this blog but with vastly superior writing). Received with thanks, this is Josh's top 10 songs of all time.....

 1) The Clash - Guns Of Brixton
 2) Real Kids - All Kindsa Girls
 3) Dictators - Stay With Me
 4) The Joneses - Pill Box
 5) Replacements - Bastards Of Young
 6) Sex Pistols - God Save The Queen
 7) The Vapors - News At Ten
 8) Generation X - Wild Youth
 9) The Muffs - From Your Girl
10) Exploding Hearts - Sleeping Aides And Razor Blades

From the list, the song of the day is by a band who were formed in Southern California in 1981. Influenced by Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers (as many great bands are), The Joneses were true rock 'n' rollers. Released on the 1982 BYO compilation, Someone Got Their Head Kicked In, this is Pill Box....

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