Thursday, 19 November 2015

Cause of Death - Radiation Burns

  Another song from the excellent No Front Teeth Records today, this one is from an ep by Southern Californian street punks Cause Of Death. Formerly known as Final Solution (who's 2007 single Warsaw Uprise also came out on No Front Teeth), they currently line up thus : Greg Willert (vocals), Tom Wold (guitar), Scott Tomashek (drums) and Jeremiah Hale (bass).

  Their influences include the likes of Bad Brains, UK Subs, Minor Threat, Bauhaus, Leftover Crack, Adolescents, US Bombs etc (they recently shared a stage with the US Bombs frontman when they supported Duane Peters Gunfight).

  The lead track from the single, this is a hard hitting scorcher of a song called Radiation Burns.....


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