Sunday, 3 February 2019

The Hip Priests - Welcome To Shit Island

  One of the UK's most prolific (and best) bands, The Hip Priests, are back with a video for a song that'll feature on their upcoming album Stand For Nothing. The album is released on March 11th, it'll be available from Gods Candy Records (Canada), Ghost Highway Recording (Spain), Digital Warfare Records (USA) and Speedowax Records (UK). On the evidence of this song, it's gonna blow people away.

  Honing their skills since their formation in 2006, these garage punkers are being waxed lyrical about by all corners of the punk community. RPM Online is already calling Stand For Nothing "one of, if not the most important garage punk albums of 2019" whilst Away From Life is advising you to put aside your New Bomb Turks and Hellacopters records. I've not heard the album yet so can only drool in eager anticipation but I'm sure come March I'll be cranking up the volume and playing the hell out of it.

  Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more details :

  So, the teaser song. It ticks all the boxes required. Powerful, energetic, top notch production, great vocals and riffs to die for. This is Welcome To Shit Island....

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  1. Great Video and would make a brilliant soundtrack for a Reality TV Show called Shit Island.