Sunday, 17 February 2019

Nieviem - Austeritory

  Nieviem are a hard hitting skate punk band from Lincoln and featured on here just over a year ago with their single, Fick ( They return today with an equally blistering track taken from their new ep Up In The Air. The album features 6 tracks (including a live cover of the Pennywise classic Bro Hymn) and it's available either on cd or digitally :

 The band are currently looking for a new drummer so if you can help out get in touch here :

 Up In The Air is an energetic blast of fast and furious punk tuneage with vocalist Hope Bateman spewing out viciously well written lyrics. Her voice both melodic and powerful, she's the perfect match for this kind of music. This song deals with the familiar subject of the rich getting richer whilst the rest of us struggle to get by, it's called Austeritory.....

They have lots of dough
Divert our attention each day
They help out the poor
- Until they can’t be repaid
We clinically sat that
These people are sincere
But the heart of the problem
Forever remains here
We’re red, white and blue
But it’s nothing to do with
The news is full of flatulence
‘Cos we’re not making sense
We have 20:20 vision
But nothing is clear
You should be inside, not out
- But you can’t stay here
Here is a man
Who is fighting tonight
He’s a little more left wing
And that’s not right!
“Send me to jail
It feels just like a home
Cut off from the world
I’m already alone
I don’t give a fuck
It doesn’t mean I’ve given up
You mis-take my mistakes
And for God’s sake I’m forsaken!
Forget whatever you’ve heard
There’s not need to say a word
Just watch and observe
Here’s what you see;
A broken society
Their prosperity is our austerity
A door way is safe to roam
Unless it’s your home
And there’s no one to phone
Tread carefully -
You’re on their territory
Their prosperity is our austerity
So tread carefully
You’re on their territory
Their prosperity...

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