Monday 18 February 2019

The Anti-Bodies - Ninety Years Without Slumbering

  The Anti-Bodies are from Buffalo and have band members with names such as Jez A.Disaster (vocals), Izzy Deadly (guitar/backing vocals), Horace Chalem (bass) and Count Alucard (drums).  If, like me, you love pop punk music with a sci fi and horror theme you'll very probably love The Anti-Bodies. Their back catalogue is crammed with song titles such as Curse Of The Full Moon, E.T. Girl, Earth Vs. Mars, Elm Street, The Mist etc... Some songs have male vocals, some female. It's all frighteningly good fun and you should stop reading now and go check out their Bandcamp page :

  Did you notice how cool the artwork is? Even before listening to the music you can tell it's going to be great when that much love has gone into packaging it.

  There's a new song that's just been released, it's inspired by a classic episode of The Twilight Zone in which a retired watchmaker fears that when his grandfather's clock stops ticking his own life will end. You can watch that episode here

  The songs a ballad, it reminded me a little of early Weezer mixed up with a touch of Dan Vapid. My first listen, I thought it was ok but subsequent plays have firmly lodged it in my head. It's a dreamy song that compliments the episode perfectly. Damn, I love it! It's called Ninety Years Without Slumbering...


Ninety years without slumbering
The pendulum swings is it true?
That my days are numbered
When the clock stops, I am through

I know I've been obsessed dear
The inevitable haunts me so
No man can prolong his allotted hours
I'll soon enter into the great unknown

It's been a good life, now it's time to go...

Now I choose what to believe
Time was created by god, not men
The truth is, I don't wanna leave
When that clock died, I was born again 

Ah- tick of time.

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