Monday 5 October 2015

Dead Rejects - Jealousy [Feat. Night Gaunts]

  Dead Rejects are a 2 piece ska/punk band from Bayonne, New Jersey comprising Shane Sparacello (vocals/guitar) and Adam Cichocki (drums/bass). They aren't averse to bringing in friends to help them flesh things out a little (today's song being an example).

  They released their first ep, Sleeping Is For Suckers in 2012, followed it up with ep number 2, Screaming By Myself and then number 3, Positively Depressing (the compilation Songs For The Dead collected all the ep tracks together and will get a first release on cd this month).  Last summer they unleashed their debut album, This Is Killing Me ( called it "definitely a lead contender for album of the year so far...") and they've quickly followed it up with their latest lp, Could Be Worse. You can check all those releases out on Bandcamp where they're available "name your price"......

  The song I'm going with today features guest vocals from Paul Jonassen who's the vocalist with Auckland (New Zealand) ska/hip hop outfit Night Gaunts. It's on the new album and it's called Jealousy......

I fucking hate this, Ive tried to resist 
You're too busy doing what you wanna do 
I feel defeated, You have retreated 
All I do is drive everyone away 

It still dwells inside of me [This Jealousy] 
Rotting deep within my being [Its all I see] 
It still dwells inside of me [This Jealousy] 
It has consumed all that Ill be [Its ruined me] 

This is so unfair 
I wish you werent here 
Cause baby then I wouldnt be such a fucking mess 

So can I save this, is it worth taking? 
Taking a chance of driving you away 
I feel sedated, So under rated 
Just classic behavior from the dead 

This jealously has got the best of me 
This jealously will take the rest of me

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