Sunday 4 October 2015

Iron Chic - Dog Bite


  "A decent band playing acceptable songs," Iron Chic are from Long Island, New York and they've been racking up an impressive catalogue of those acceptable songs ever since Yo Yo Records and Dead Broke Rekerds introduced them with 2008's Demo Tape. From memory, I seem to remember them getting great reviews and garnering a very respectable following right from the off, though I don't suppose having members of top bands like Latterman and Small Arms Dealer in your ranks will do you any harm.

  2009's Shitty Rambo ep kept the buzz going and this was followed a year later by debut album Not Like This. Chock full of catchy hits it was high up on my albums of the year list. Several more eps and splits followed (including one with the awesome Pacer) before Bridge Nine released sophomore album, The Constant One (an album which prompted Pitchfork to comment "underneath the pop-punk veneer is one of the most flat-out fun indie rock guitar records of recent vintage"). You can check out their music here :

  Last month they toured Australia for the first time and to coincide with that tour they brought out a new 7" called Ys. On the flip side is a splendid version of The Dead Kennedys' Dog Bite and it's that track that I'm posting today.....

Dog bite

On my leg

Not right

Supposed to beg

Daily to the filling station

Underwater navigation

Oh Oh Oh...


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