Thursday 29 October 2015

Patsy - Nazi's Are So Plain


  A song today by a new band called Patsy who describe themselves as punk, glam, glitter, gloss, glue and who hail from New Orleans. They feature members of a band called Swampgrass (who I'm not familiar with) and Mystic Inane (who I posted a song by here :

  They've posted the following on their bandcamp; a cover of The Misfits' In The Doorway, another cover (my favourite of the two) of Kleenex's Hitch-Hiker and a 3 track demo which came out in January and features the song I've posted below. They were brought to my attention by those bastions of good taste over at Total Punk who have just released one of the tracks from the demo, Tuley Tude High, as a 7" (check it out here : ).

  Featuring Candice Darby's off kilter female vocals over a gloriously discordant backbeat, hopefully we're witnessing the start of the band's ascent to punk rock greatness. This is Nazi's Are So Plain......

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