Saturday 10 October 2015

Life On Mars - All Sports Suck

 "I Hate Watching Football Games, Baseball Is So Fuckin' Lame....."

  Way back in the early 80's, Reno, Nevada hardcore punk pioneers 7 Seconds declared their hatred of sports. It's a hatred that will find sympathy with new hardcore punk heroes Life On Mars.

  It's always a joy to post a blog update featuring a song that I've only just discovered, especially when it's a song as good as today's 43 second outpouring of spit and bile.

  Life On Mars are a 4 piece hardcore punk band from St. Louis, Missouri, featuring Todd Parker (vocals), Kenny Joslen (guitar), Sam Evans (bass), and Brandon Vitale (drums). You may be familiar with Sam and Todd from Al Bundie's Army (

  Today's song is taken from Life On Mars' debut ep, Facedown On The Pavement. The ep features 8 blistering (but still catchy as hell), songs in just 8 minutes, it's available on Braindead Records and you can snap it up "name your price" here :

  Reminding me a little of Fresh Fruit era Dead Kennedys, this is an anti sports anthem that's a worthy bedmate of that 7 Seconds classic.....

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