Wednesday 7 October 2015

Cavaverman - James Dean

  One way to help keep my enthusiasm high for updating this blog every day is that I don't usually know which song I'm going to go with until I actually sit down to post the latest entry. If I hear anything I really enjoy (be it new or old), I'll save the video in my favourites and then post it up pretty much straight away. The drawback with this is that I've a hell of a long list of songs I want to use that got overlooked as I heard something else that demanded my attention.

  Also, occasionally people send me messages on Google Hangouts. As I only ever venture on there if a notification pops up there's a chance I'll miss those messages (especially if, as in the case of a message sent by Gio from Cavaverman last December, it for some reason goes to the spam folder).

  So to kill 2 birds with one stone, today's update is a long overdue appearance by Cavaverman........

  A 3 piece from Monza, Italy, featuring Sal Champion (guitar, vocals, Garand M1), Apocalypse Gio (bass, wrestling) and Doktor Hell (drums, drill), Cavaverman are a "Zombie Hunter Horror Punk" band. Hazarding a guess they're influenced by The Misfits and by far too many obscure horror movies. There's a lot of bands with the same influences but not many that sound as good as these guys.

  They released their debut album, James Dead, in 2013 and it's packed with awesome songs with titles like Welcome To Zombieland, She's A Werewolf and Prince Of Darkness. The following year they gave it a tweak and renamed it James Dead Again. Ideal listening for any forthcoming Halloween parties, both versions feature a zombiefied James Dean on the cover and are available, as is their 8-Bit From Hell ep,  as free downloads here :

  They're currently working on album number 2 but whilst we wait for it to crawl out of the grave, here's James Dean.......

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