Wednesday 21 October 2015

The Vicious - Walking dead

                                                                                                             The Vicious were from a town in the north of Sweden called Umea and though they were only together for around 3 years they still carved a name for themselves in the annals of Swedish punk rock. They split in 2007 when drummer Andre Sandstrom left the band and the remaining members (Robert Pettersson (vocals), Sara Almgren (guitar) and Erik Viklund (bass) ) decided to form Masshysteri.

  They released a number of eps and one album, 2006's Alienated. From that album, this is a catchy as hell number called Walking Dead.....

I see pale faces walking right by
outside. Im sick of seeing
uniforms all around
so heres my head now wheres
the gun? I know your having
fun. Turn around Ill walk
away walk away...
the walking dead are out tonight

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