Sunday 25 October 2015

Top 10 Estonian punk songs chosen by Kristo Magi ( Huiabella Fantastica)

  Occasionally, in the New Punk Rock Music group on Facebook, there'll be cool posts featuring songs by bands I've never heard of from Estonia. I would imagine most of you guys wouldn't have heard them either and as this blog is all about entertaining and educating I decided to pounce on the person behind those posts and ask him to give me a list of 10 of his favourite songs. Kristo Magi (aka Rakvere Pets) lives in Tallinn, which is on the Baltic Sea and is Estonia's capital. He's in a band called Huiabella Fantastica who you can check out here :

  Before I get onto the songs, I'll just draw your attention to Equalizing Distort, a radio station out of Toronto that's been doing features on Eastern European punk rock which might be of interest to anyone who enjoys today's update. The shows are available for streaming/download

 Anyway, here's the songs (thanks

                                                 GENERATOR M - Käed 


Project Dekadenz - Jah                                                                   muidugi, kuid ei


Vennaskond - Täna jälle                                                               me joome bensiini 


  Huiabella Fantastica - Oleks püss kaasas

J.M.K.E. - Külmale maale

Psychoterror - Anarchy

Vennaskond - Disko

ÜRO - Viimased sangarid

Velikije Luki - Tallinn Põleb

                                                 ZLO - Perekond on süüdi?

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