Sunday, 2 November 2014

The Bat Bites - Tomorrow

On the back of a long discussion about the merits of modern music and whether there's anything new and exciting being produced or is it just a pale imitation of past glories that's background noise to a generation of uninterested x boxers and i phoners, the song I'm posting today is just a catchy "pop" song that isn't pushing any boundaries or won't catch the attention of 99.99999% of the planet but is, to my grizzled old ears, a bloody good tune.
  Featuring Rotterdam quartet Merel, Mikey, Flow and Ivo , The Bat Bites have been together since 2008 and yeah, they're inspired by music of a bygone era but they have the happy knack of churning out catchy as fuck, pop punk music with just enough of a (bat) bite to keep it a notch above most of their contemporaries. 2009 saw the release of debut ep Creatures Of The Night, this was followed by a free ep called Take It, It's Free but their new self titled album has seen them really raise the bar. It won't be to the taste of every punk fan out there, but if you fancy a listen to something upbeat and feel good, check it out....

 This is the lead track, and one that's been lodged in my head for ages, it's called Tomorrow......

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