Monday, 29 September 2014

UK Subs - Barbie's dead.

Usually I try to post songs that people might not have heard before (which is why you get The Gee Strings instead of The Clash) but occasionally I'll slip in a band that sups at punk's top table. Today I'm highlighting a song by a band who've been around forever and who've released a virtual A-Z of albums. UK Subs were formed in 1977 and it wasn't long before they gained a stranglehold on the UK charts, scoring 7 consecutive top 30 hits between 1979-81. Fronted by the indefatigable Charlie Harper, they show no signs of slowing down, no doubt they'll be gigging in front of a rabid crowd somewhere right up until it's time to say bye bye planet. It's not easy to select just one song but I'll plump for one that came out in 1980 on the classic Brand New Age album, this is Barbie's Dead.....

Barbie wore black, black hat
Barbie wore gloves, warm gloves
Barbie was thin, white skin
Barbie's in bed, she's dead

Bellboy cries for Barbie
Mailman cries for Barbie
Gasman cries for Barbie
Said come on let's get drunk

Barbie had a gun, field gun
Barbie had a bird, blackbird
Barbie had a car, Jaguar
Barbie was rich, rich bitch

Boys they cry for Barbie
Girls they cry for Barbie
Daddy cries for Barbie
Then they all got drunk

Barbie's dead
Barbie's dead
Barbie's dead
Barbie's dead

When Barbie was alive, so alive
Barbie did sing, sweet things
Barbie had pink hair, spiked hair
Barbie loved rock, punk rock

Boys danced with Barbie
Girls played with Barbie
Daddy he loved Barbie
And the whole party got drunk

Barbie's dead
Barbie's dead
Barbie's dead

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