Thursday, 4 September 2014

Rotunda - Neutron Bomb

"Eyes Melt
 Skin Explodes
 Everybody Dead"

The last couple of updates have seen some top notch hardcore tinged punk rock from the USA, today I'm posting more of the same but this time by a band that hails from Birmingham, England. Rotunda started life in 1996 as a 4 piece but went on to beef things up a bit by adding a second guitarist. They took their name from Birmingham's Rotunda (it's a cylindrical 266 ft tall high rise building in the city centre). Mixing up hardcore punk with a dash of oi, the band don't shy away from political comment in their songs, as is evident in the track I've chosen to post. In 2011 they released their debut album, Chalk It Up, which is available free here : . Owing a debt to Repo Man (in a similar way to I Am A Cancer by Smogtown does), this is Neutron Bomb......

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  1. This could easily have come out in 1983-4. Kind of reminds of Negative Approach.