Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Government Warning - Fat Nation

Government Warning formed in 2005 and hailed from Richmond, Virginia. They were together until 2011 and in that time released some of the best hardcore punk music you'll find. The song I've chosen comes from their 2006 classic album, No Moderation. described it as being "a perfect soundtrack for circle pits and skate videos" and i think that sums things up pretty nicely. A biting critique on American dietary habits, Fat Nation is a hardcore punk classic.....

burger king and taco bell
addicted to the shit they sell
gargling their fat and grease
you're countin' carbs but you're still obese

exercise? no fuckin' way
you'd rather just fucking pay and pay
easy ways out, quick relief
but being fat is not a fucking disease

all across the world they thunk were crazy
man they say america is just fat and lazy
maybe they're right
maybe concrete jungles look like urban tombs
maybe its true, and were all fucking doomed

twinkies and cathode rays
the latest work free fitness craze
comatose motherfuckers too lazy for life
but low cal , low carb thats no way to survive

welcome to the red white and blue
were all fat and lazy and you could be too
welcome to the red white and blue
where half of us rely on fast food

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