Tuesday 18 April 2023

The Chinese Mudmen - 779


  So, a quick Google search doesn't reveal anything about today's band but it does bring up plenty of images of "brightly glazed figurines of men, women, wise men and old sages, seated or standing, holding flutes, scrolls, pots, fish and other objects of mystical importance or sometimes fishing."

  So it's going to be a short write up to accompany a short song. 

  The Chinese Mudmen have a couple of eps available via Australian label Goblin Records. Titled Meet The Mud and Mud On Mud, they're lo-fi budget garage bangers with none of the songs stretching to the 2 minute mark. The opening track of Mud On Mud being an abbreviated and rather lively version of The Who's My Generation. You can find them here : https://goblinrecordsaus.bandcamp.com

  My favourite track is a delightful punk ditty about getting the bus. It's called 779... 

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  1. thanks for the review.. glad you liked it