Saturday 22 April 2023



  A very catchy track today that has the classic sound of a song that could easily have been an indie chart smash hit back in the days when fresh faced punk and power pop bands were churning this kind of thing out every week. It's a love song, the kind of thing that broken hearted teens (and those of us that are no longer teens) can empathise with only too well. 

  It's by a band from Ventura, California called TV PARTY ( I'm not sure but I'd like to think they're named after the Black Flag song. They released a Self Titled debut album in 2018 and have just followed it up with a new one titled Psychic Driving. 

  It's a dozen ear worms where TV PARTY take influences from many of your favourite bands and wear them proudly on their sleeves. It starts strongly with opener Bag Of Five Marbles, follows it up with the toe tapper Motorbike Libido (she loves The Beatles) (a song I played on a recent Just Some Punk Songs show) and never really lets up. You want an impressive bunch of songs that'll imprint themselves on your brain, then look no further. It's available on vinyl and digital download :

  This song is from the back end of the album but it's well worth the wait. It's called Mary...

i don’t wanna tell you i love you anymore i don’t wanna hear you screaming at me you shattered my heart like a wine glass so now I’m calling mary i don’t wanna tell you i want you anymore i don’t wanna hear your sweet talking voice you dropped my heart like a burning cigarette so now I’m calling mary i don’t want to i just want you whenever she isn’t home i can’t help it don’t forget your mine you are my very own mary mary mary come on

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