Saturday 15 April 2023

Why Bother? - Prowlers in the Night


  Why Bother? are a quartet from Mason City, Iowa, made up of Terry (vocals/synth), Speck (guitar/vocals), Pamela (bass) & Paul (drums). Not much is known about them, they don't even play any live shows, but they do put out cool music on a regular basis. They released an album a couple of years ago titled A Year Of Mutations which collected together tracks from their first 4 eps and which earned comparisons with the likes of The Zero Boys, Toxic Reasons, The Spits and early Joy Division.  Feb 2022 saw the release of Lovers and Addicts, a collection of 6 new tracks and 3 covers (of songs originally recorded by The Suicide Commandos, Beex & The Heartbreakers).  

  Their first (proper) album was titled Lacerated Nights and it was released in September 2022, it was  followed less than a month later by an 11 song cassette called There Are Such Things. 

  And now we have a brand new album. 

  Recorded in the same basement studio as all their other releases, it's titled A City Of Unsolved Miseries and it's up for pre order on vinyl from Feel It Records 

  If you want the digital version, you can get it as a name our price download here :

  This track is only on the digital version, it's a cover of a song that featured on All Bagged Up: The Collected Works 1977-1980, a compilation of music from Los Angeles punk legends The Bags. It was also featured in the 1981 documentary The Decline of Western Civilization ( 

  It's called Prowlers In The Night...

These people are longing, they keep disappearing
Their secrets are turning thinner than air
Wanting romance, knowing it's stupid
You lift up the box lid to see what you can
Prowlers in the night
Ready for the kiss-off, than the bite
There is a light on of hidden reaction
The words mean to say, kiss or fist?
No easy answers to unsolved questions
A string of opportunities missed
Prowlers in the night
Ready for the kiss off, than the fight
Laugh if you're able, they all die slow
Suicide reasons are stupid excuses
Everyone's saying there's no where to go
Prowlers in the night
Ready for the kiss off, than the bite

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