Saturday 8 June 2019

The Drowns - The Bricks Of 'Ol Rainier


  Oi yesterday, street punk today. Don't say that I don't spoil you!

  The Drowns are Aaron-Rev Peters (vocals), Jake Margolis (drums), Andy Wylie (bass/vocals) & Jonny Wade (guitar), they're from Seattle and Los Angeles and between them have played in bands such as Success, Time Again, The Shell Corporation, The Briggs and Madcap. Last year saw the release of their debut album, View From The Bottom  The album was packed with "blue collar anthems and earned them favourable comparisons with the likes of Bouncing Souls and Cock Sparrer.

  Now they're back with a new single, it's two impressive tracks and it's available on 7" in  beer vinyl, red vinyl and cokebottle green vinyl from Pirates Press Records

  You can get more info on them here : 

  The single features The Sound on one side though my favourite song is on the flip. An anthemic singalong, the band's sound has been beefed up from the album due to the addition of Jonny on second guitar and a top notch recording job by Jesse O'Donnell from Noi!se. The Drowns are rapidly becoming essential listening. This is The Bricks Of Ol' Rainier...


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