Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The State Lottery - Geysers

  A song today that popped up on my Facebook "on this day" page, it was one that I'd shared on my timeline a few years ago but had forgotten about. Sounding a bit like Bruce Springsteen mixed with The Clash or maybe The Exploding Hearts, it still sounds great and is deserving of place in this Blog.

  The State Lottery feature members spread out around a number of states but mainly write songs either in or about Detroit. They got together in 2006 but the distance between them seems to have pretty much curtailed any activity in recent years. Their first album, Cities We're Not From, was released in August 2008. A couple of years later they released a follow up called When The Night Comes. This was the album that featured today's song and the line up on it was Andy Dennison (guitar, organ, bass. vocals), Bobby Colombo (vocals, guitar, organ), Dave Garwacke (drums), Jordan Owen (bass, guitar, vocals), Niki McUmber (sax, organ, piano, vocals) and Chris (piano).

  Other releases included a split single with The 255s and a single called Fistfuls Of Sand. You can snap up all those releases "name your price"  .... http://thestatelottery.bandcamp.com/

  This is Geysers......

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