Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Aerosol Burns - Afraid Of The Phone

  They say she's a heartbreaker
  Gonna end up alone
  I'm shakin' like a leaf
  I'm afraid of the phone

  Some of you might remember that a few days ago I posted the Essential Logic single, Aerosol Burns. There was two reasons for this, firstly it's a great song but also it's the name of a killer new power pop band who've named themselves after that classic tune.

  Whilst today is an introduction to The Aerosol Burns, it's not the first time the members of the band have featured in this blog. Those with long memories might remember that a couple of years ago I was very impressed with the debut single from Chain Letters ( It's taken him a while but songwriter/guitarist Chris Parker and drummer Violet X are back with another wonderful single. This time around they're joined on vocals by Matt Mayhem. Matt has graced Young People With Faces (who also featured Chain Letters vocalist Sophia Dilley), No Tomorrow Boys and The Furies (who featured here :

  Over the last few months, Chris very kindly kept me updated with how today's song was progressing, he sent a couple of early work in progress versions which had me excited for the finished item and I'm more than happy to report that both A and B sides, Afraid Of The Phone/(Your Love Is) Where I Go, are definite winners. Also in the works is a new Chain Letters single which will hopefully surface sometime next year.

  Hopefully you like this as much as I do, Afraid Of The Phone......


  1. Chris is very talented at composing. Great review!

    1. i've only heard 4 of his compositions so far (which i think is just about all of them) and everyone's a winner