Monday, 9 November 2015

M.S.A. - Life In Shit

"Today I walked outside to take a look around
  but I only saw a fucking mess, no humans to be found
  I ran around and searched all day but they must all have run away
  the only thing I fucking found was rats and roaches on the ground...."

  Here's a song that I stumbled across yesterday by a band called M.S.A. (which is short for Millions Of Smashed Assholes). They're based in Edmonton, Alberta though the various band members hail from all across Canada. They currently line up thus : Sean Reif (guitar), Andrew Hogenbirk (bass), Kenny!! (drums) and Myke Peters (lead vocals).

  Influenced by the likes of D.R.I., The Meatmen, Fear, Dayglo Abortions etc, they've been making music for around 20 years but started M.S.A. in 2012. They love courting controversy almost as much as they love making music. Check out their releases (including today's song) here :

  This is a new song by them, Life In Shit......

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