Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Model American - We've Had Enough

  Model American were a short lived hardcore punk band from San Francisco. They released a s/t album in 1997 but after being sued over the rights to their name they split. When their album was re released in 2002 (by Session Records) they used the name MAPS (Model American Playing Secretly). Aside from the band's own material the album featured them covering songs by Bad Brains, 7 Seconds and The Adolescents.

  Vocalist Tim Presley went on to be a member of The Nerve Agents and also featured for a while in The Fall. Drummer Andy Granelli (aka Andy Outbreak) also joined The Nerve Agents and was a member of The Distillers whilst other band members included DJ Patton (bass), Josh Spatero (guitar), Josh Stinson (guitar), Ken Kirby (guitar) and Travis Dutton (guitar/backing vocals).

From the album, this is track 1, We've Had Enough......

I've seen so much 
These negative ways
Attitudes start shaping
Values astray
It's time to start thinking
Using our minds
Sticking together
Willing to fight

We are disillusioned
And we've had enough
Look onward for a future
And never look away

Too hard to get by
No interactions
While dragging their minds
You discard ambition
Living a lie
With false presumptions
There's no need to try

I know it might be hard enough to see
But we're living in a time
With many empty voices
Negativity consumes the mind
You'll have to break away
Or pity is what you'll find
Working towards a better life
With Strong Positive Minds


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