Saturday, 21 November 2015

Leftöver Crack - Loneliness & Heartache

  It's been a while but one of punk's most hard hitting bands are about to unleash their 3rd album. Following on from their 2001 debut Mediocre Generica and 2004's Fuck World Trade (not forgetting 2007's split with Citizen Fish), the 27th November is the date that Fat Wreck Chords will release Constructs of The State. The band of course is Leftover Crack and hopefully most of you guys are as excited as me. If you want a preview, it's streaming over here :

  The album moves further away from the heavy ska punk sounds of their early days and whilst there's plenty of  different genres in the mix, as a whole it's fast paced, ferocious and will smack you right in the face. Luckily they can still pen a catchy tune (even though they pummel the fuck out of it with some of the years loudest and most scathing music).

  As well as the core line up of Scott "Stza" Sturgeon (vocals/guitar), Alec Baillie (bass/vocals), Brad Logan (guitar/vocals), Chris Mann (guitar/vocals) and Danny Morris (drums) there's an impressive list of contributors....... Jesse Michaels, Erik Petersen, Penny Rimbaud, Joe Jack Talcum, Whitney Flynn and Zack Religious to name a few.

  A week or so ago I added up all the page views for this blog and the most visited song was The Christ by Leftover Crack. Hopefully you'll enjoy this song as much, this is Loneliness & Heartache......


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