Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Good Clean Fun - On The Streets


  A question for you today. Does anyone know if one of my favourite bands are ever going to get round to recording new material or have they called it a day. I may well have missed the announcement of their demise but as far as I know there's been nothing.

  It's been nearly a decade since they released the rather splendid Between Christian Rock And A Hard Place album, this was quickly followed by the Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda compilation but aside from Good Clean Fun the movie (2009) they've been positively absent from the scene.

  There's a Facebook page for them that vocalist Mr. Issa posts on once every blue moon but other than him hinting at a kickstarter campaign a couple of years ago he doesn't offer any hope of them resurfacing.

  If anyone has any info, please post it in the comments. In the meantime, this is one of my favourites by them, On The Streets...

This is a new revolution we're building a brand-new society 
It's about time we find a revolution and not let it slip away 
It's time that we all work together, 
This little thing we call unity has the power to make it all better 
And that is why today we'll all be on the streets 
Saving the scene from the forces of evil 
Side by side, living our dreams, all the positive people 
We'll fight our way through the frustration overcome negativity 
To us it is not a temptation, because that is not our way 
All that is needed to start this is a healthy dose of positivity 
We've found our way through all the darkness 
And on this brand new day we'll all be on the streets 
Saving the scene from the forces off evil Side by side, 
living our dreams, all the positive people

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