Tuesday, 24 November 2015

F-X - Souths gonna rise again

  Today's song is an obscurity from 1979 by Worthing band F-X. The line up was Jon Burn (vocals/guitar), Clive Todd (guitar), Mike Burn (bass) and Rick Leyland (drums). They only released one single, a 3 track ep called South's Gonna Rise Again, which featured the songs OBE, Slag and South's Gonna Rise Again. 2000 copies were pressed and, came out on Southern Rock Records and was distributed by Rough Trade. Guitarist Clive Todd featured on the single but died of a heroin overdose prior to it's release (edit....see the comments section below).

  They split in 1982 without releasing anything else though in 2011 Detour / Only Fit For The Bin Records released a 10 track compilation of their music called Now Where Were We? As well as their own material it also included covers of David Bowie's Queen Bitch and Rock & Roll Star as well as The Ramones' You're Gonna Kill That Girl.

  The song I'm posting today is the title track of the ep and is a football anthem about Brighton And Hove Albion. South's Gonna Rise Again.....


  1. As the sister of Clive Todd, would like to correct you on this, Clive passed away in March 81 ~ he had been clear of drugs for one year following the death of our sister Barbie... He married The Rocking Chair Murderess and died shortly after, yes it was an overdose... no he did not administer it. Both Clive and Rick were top blokes and the world is a sadder place without them ~ RIP

  2. Karen Lovell ( nee Todd)21 April 2016 at 11:25

    Thank you Mick, I can't tell you how much it means to see him on the cover of the CD "Now Where Were We", he had a complete blast making it with the rest of the band and now it's out there for others to enjoy ~ quite a legacy :)