Tuesday, 13 October 2015

No Cash - A Better Tomorrow

  A song today from a band that were from Nazareth, Pennsylvania who only released one album on their own as well as a split lp with Team Spider. The album they released on their own came out in 2003 and was called Run Your Pockets.

  No Cash were very similar in sound and in politics to Leftover Crack; brutal punk rock/ska-core beats, vocalist Chris Tray's uncompromising vocals and harsh critiques of the USA are very much the order of the day. They could also provide moments of beauty though, check out The Goonies sampling intro to the song I've posted below.

  They split in 2005 but Chris Tray joined forces with Dan McKinney to form Mad Conductor

  From Run Your Pockets, this is A Better Tomorrow......

I believe its a unanimous decision
america is the worst face of terrorism
supplying enemies with bombs, funding and arms
its quite scary

that's why i cannot sleep
this knife is in too deep
i've dreamed of so much more
than dying in religious war

its been a while since i cracked a smile
nightmares of having a bomb strapped to my body
dying for my people destroying the evil
its overwhelming



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