Monday, 19 October 2015

Complete Control - Blame

  Earlier this year I posted a song by an English band called Complete Control, today it's the turn of a different band with the same name.

  Complete Control were a hard hitting punk band featuring ex members of the Strap-Onz who were described as being a cross between Youth Brigade and Cock Sparrer. Hailing from Austin, Texas they released an ep in 2002 called Vicious and followed it up with their 2004 debut album Reaction. As far as I'm aware, their only other releases were a split ep with Krum Bums and an ep called The Mourning After.

  Featuring on the album were Sam Ghanbar (vocals), Brad Teeter (guitar), Ry Meyer (bass) and Chris Polansky (drums). It was released on TKO Records and features 11 tracks of high adrenalin politicised punk rock. From it, this is Blame.....

I heard there's a place
Where men traded worlds
And the debts were paid off
With our lives
And the eyes of the innocent went blind
When the concrete mountains fell from the sky

If you let freedom ring, will they hear it
If you let freedom ring, will they care
If you let freedom ring, will they accept it
If you let freedom ring, will they dare
We're to blame
We're to... blame
When freedom rings are we deaf and dumb

With arrogance we act surprised
We police the world
And we cheat out the deprived
A deserved tragedy
That we had coming
And the price you'll pay
For your leaders lies


  1. Do you have any idea what happened to this band!?

  2. According to facebook they split up at the start of the year due to family and logistical reasons