Tuesday, 4 November 2014

X-Pulsion - Heaven Only Knows

One thing I've discovered from doing this blog is how much great punk music came out of Belgium that I missed out on first time around (check out a compilation called Punk In Brussels 1977-1979 : Everything Is Shit). Today I'm posting a song by a band that formed in Brussels in 1977 and featured, amongst others, Chainsaw's guitarist Jerry Wanker. They split in May 1978 but a few months later vocalist Peter Schlager reformed them with a different line up (this line up featured Chainsaw's drummer Bob Seyton). This version of the band didn't last very long either, splitting in the summer of '79. The only release i can find for X-Pulsion is a split ep with Streets which surfaced in 1978, from it is this excellent Heaven Only Knows....

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