Thursday, 6 November 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By The Shangri-Blahs

Following on from the song by The Shangri-Blahs which I posted yesterday, the band were kind enough to chose a top 10 songs of all time list. It's a collaborative effort and shows the mixed influences of the band. Rather than number the selection 1-10 i think it'll be easier to reproduce their contribution as it came.....

Here's our list. The songs are in no order of supremacy whatsoever, there's no "No. 1" here. We tried to go about making a top ten list everyone would have been happy with, but it turned out it was going to be either a four-way murder-suicide, or ten songs off the first Ramones album, which we thought would not have been all that interesting. So instead, everyone got their say, no one had the right to veto anything, and this is what came out.

We sequenced the songs kinda like a soundtrack for your typical, bitch-ass day on the grind: first you try to wake up this mornin', go about your day gritting your teeth and thinking of suicide,. Then get off work and life begins again, you get shitfaced, jerk off, start thinking about killing yourself again and try to break your neck. When even that doesn't pan out the way you want to, you find yourself home alone again, a.m. something o'clock, laying on the couch with a joint and a bag of chips.

This list, in all its diversity, also goes a long way explaining why in our tour car we listen mainly to weather forecasts, and not much else.

Btw, we know you asked for a top ten, but we accidentally got "Spinal Tapped" and went up to eleven. Sorry.

Season's greetings,
The Shangri Blahs

Son House - Death Letter Blues
Tommi: ”I could practice this for a thousand years without getting it right.”

Bob Dylan - It's All Right Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)
Tommi: "This song should win the Nobel Prize."

Judge Bean Jr. & The Jury - Seventeen And In A Misery
Jarkko: "When your home alone, get down to your undies, put on your stetson hat and dance the night away."

Hurriganes – Find A Lady
Magnum: ”Oowee oohlaa! One of the best Finnish bands ever. Jarkko named his dog after the singer-drummer Remu.”

Ratsia – Täynnä elämää (Engl. ”Full of Life”)
Jarkko: ”Whenever suicidal thoughts occupy your mind, Ratsia gets you back up and helps you kick the world in the balls where it hurts.”

The Zeros - Wild Weekend
Magnum: ”The Anthem for us 9 to 5 people.”

The Scientists - Shake (Together Tonight)
Magnum: "First single from this Aussie brilliance. Could I make a song this good standing upside down? I doubt it."

NOFX - Linoleum
Tommi: "Made me wanna play punk. Bought my first bass after this."

Rancid – Side Kick
Martti: ”Homelessness, fucked up. Needs to change right now in Finland just as much as it did in the early 90’s USA.”

Asa – Varkaan laulu (Engl. ”The Thief’s Song”)
Martti: ”A sincere voice standing up for the little guy. Beautiful poetry.”

Propagandhi - Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
Martti: "Classic. Fucking tight."

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