Friday, 28 November 2014

Top 10 Songs Chosen By Marc Ramohn (The Wompydompies)

 Thanks to Marc Ramohn today for choosing his favourite songs of all time, he says "it's impossible to only pick 10 but these 10 songs mark every step of my life that bring me to the music I love today." As you may already know, Marc loves music, not only the music of The Ramones but also the many bands who inspired them or who were inspired by them. He loves music so much that not only does he make his own music (check out The Wompydompies here ),  he also provides an invaluable service for all fans of the genre with the sterling work he does on his Ramone To The Bone website :  .
  As is often the case, his top 10 isn't numbered so I'll take the liberty of numbering them as they came, I'll also choose one of his picks for song of the day, it's from 1963 but I'm sure you'll all recognise it.......

 1) Richard O'Brian - Science Fiction/Double Feature

 2) The Ramones - The KKK Took My Baby Away

 3) Die Artze - Westerland

 4) Herman's Hermits - No Milk Today

 5) Buddy Holly - Heartbeat

 6) Richie Valens - Donna

 7) Knochenfabrik - Glucklich

 8) Fuckin Faces - Faces Of Death

 9) The Wohlstandskinder - Das Grau Unserer Zeit

10) Spass Dabei - Traumfrau

11) Randy & The Rainbows - Denise

As you may have noticed, like several others that have been kind enough to submit a top 10, Marc can't count!

Cheers mate, here's Denise by Randy & The Rainbows......

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