Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Boston Chinks - Coltrane

Back in time to 2007 today for this rip roaring garage rock single that came out on Goner Records. Boston Chinks, aren't from Boston as their name suggests they were actually from Memphis and featured a line up of Alex Gates, Billy Hayes, Christopher D Johnston and Stephen Pope (Hayes and Pope went on to play with alt rock favourites Wavves).
  They're probably best remembered for touring with Jay Reatard and for the split 7" they cut with him (Jay Reatard contributing Let It All Go, Boston Chinks backing it up with Swollen Vessels).
  Their name came from a piece of graffiti on a wall in Boston which said "Boston Chinks Go Home", their sound comes straight out of the garage. This is the lead track from their debut platter, it's called Coltrane.....

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