Tuesday 23 April 2024

38 Coffin - Johnny Thunders


  38 Coffin (https://www.facebook.com/38COFFIN) are Lauren Goffin (vocals/guitar), Lindsay Scarey (bass), Andre McGuire (lead guitar) & Dain Hudson (drums). They're from Seattle and they're influenced by all your favourite surf rock, rockabilly & garage bands. 

  They've just released an album titled Leopard Spots which boasts 11 twangtastic batcave style garage punk tracks. Think The Cramps, The Munsters and haunted beaches and you won't be far off. It's available on coloured vinyl (ltd to 200 copies) and digital download :   https://38coffin.bandcamp.com/album/leopard-spots

  You'll be able to see them live next month if you're in Belgium or Germany...

  One of the highlights from a very enjoyable album is about New York guitarist/singer Johnny Thunders who you'll remember from the New York Dolls and later The Heartbreakers...

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