Monday, 2 August 2021

Love Spit - Share the blame


When did pleasure become a pain? 

  Love Spit ( are a new south coast of England 4 piece featuring on vocals & guitar Bri Slutcher (who played bass for the UK Subs on their 90's albums Normal Service Resumed & Occupied); on bass & vocals Angus Simpson (Squidboy); on vocals & guitar Shane Creech and on drums Lewis Willoughby (both The Mistakes). 

  They play sing a long punk and roll and have just released their debut Self Titled ep. It features 5 tracks and is available from NBQ Records on cd It'll also be on "all regular streaming sites."


  They've just released a video for one of the tracks, it's an old school love song that reminds me a little of both the Buzzcocks and Cock Sparrer (is it just me that can hear hints of England Belongs To Us in there?). It's a very promising start, check it out. It's called Share The Blame... 

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