Friday, 30 July 2021

Flangipanis - You Don't Have To Be A Cunt


(Photo by Tracie Tee Live Events)

  Fuckin' 'ell mates, potty mouthed purveyors of bad taste Aussie punk rock Flangipanis ( are back with a new song. It's short (clocking in at less than a minute), direct and offers up a bit of sage advice. 

  I like Flangipanis. In a world that seems to be getting shittier every year, they're a band that make serious points (sometimes) but also incorporate plenty of fun. Hailing from Brisbane they featured on here a couple of years ago with a song about everyone's favourite FBI special agent ( It featured on their excellent album Community Backwash. Since then there's just been the one song released, about an asshole aunt. You can find their music here :

  So onto the new song. It's pretty self explanatory, very catchy and hopefully just a teaser for a bunch of new stuff. It's called You Don't Have To Be A Cunt... 

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