Thursday, 2 November 2017

The Aquaholics - Trog Stomp


  I came across a cool instrumental surf album recently and though I knew nothing about The Aquaholics I decided I had to post a tune on here. A bit of digging and I found out that they formed over 10 years ago in Chicago and despite recording an album with legendary producer Mass Giogini they split up before it was released. Fast forward to 2015 and Psycho Satanic Surf Party was finally completed and released. Oh, I forgot to mention, it seems that following their split, they went on to become one of pop punks best bands, Kobanes. You learn something new every day!

  That wasn't the album that I'd stumbled across though.

  A couple of days ago, on Halloween, they released a second album. This one is self produced, features Marky (guitar/vocals), Johnny (bass), Andy (guitar) and Ryan (drums). Ryan Flynn (keys) and Kevin Cascino (trumpets) guest. It's titled Surfing With Satan and it's wonderful. It's "dark satanic instrumental surf" that's very different from Kobanes but which will appeal to their fans. There's lots of great retro tunes, most of them feature spooky soundbites and it even features a few covers of songs by the likes of Devo and The Trashmen. You can check out both albums here :

Deadlier than Dracular, wilder than The Werewolf, more frightening than Frankenstein..... This is Trog Stomp

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