Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Accidente - Pulso

  Accidente are a hard edged but pretty damn catchy Spanish Anarcho-Punk band who are based between Getafe and Madrid and who have been together since 2010. They released a debut, S/T album in 2011 and followed it up a couple of years later with Amistad y Rebelion (Friendship And Rebellion). Round about this time they toured the USA and Mexico.

  Their influences include The Vicious, Massysteri, Leftover Crack, Minor Threat and The Clash. As they sing in their native Spanish, Its not easy to understand the lyrics but fortunately they provide the English translations on their bandcamp page

  They've just released album number 3, Pulso, and you can snap it up for free here : This summer they'll be heading back to the USA for a tour which will include an appearance at the Latino Fest in New York.

  This is the title track of the new album .....

Dignity does not mean 
you do not scream when it hurts 
when you bit the dust 
and you are overcome by your demons 
It means watching the fire in your eyes 
it is seeing you grit your teeth, 
it is you ... convinced and heading forward, 
the passion in your face, it means living... 
It is that tension between desire and reality, 
It means that you may stumble but you are not afraid to fail 
take off again and go get some more 
The violent breathing, 
anxiety, adrenaline 
wounds that are inherent to the race 
of setting fire to this life 
For me life is a pulse 
that means coexisting with the problem 
and maybe we will not win 
But we won't lose either... 
Because there is no better way for me to face the gale, 
to corner it and jump, 
than knowing that I can trust

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